A better student experience and reduced costs

InLoop creates speed and convenience for your students while helping you minimise costs and monitor trends.

  • One card, many applications

    Students can use their ID card to pay for many services across the whole campus, making payments easy and fast.

  • Minimise costs

    ​InLoop reduces click fees on micropayments, while helping eliminate costs for cash handling and associated functions.

  • Powerful reporting

    Built in reporting allows you to monitor activity and react to trends, so that you can respond to student needs and increase revenues.

Student card payment

Students can use their existing student card to facilitate payment at any vendor outlet.  Vendors can utilise their existing point-of-sale or use InLoop's tablet or mobile app to accept card payment.


Mobile and convenient

Students can use their mobile device to purchase  coffees or meals, buy event tickets, or pay for fees - any range of campus services can be included.


Benefits for you and your students

We combine leading technology, great support and a proven product to deliver true value to our customers.

  • Fully-hosted solution
  • Best-in-class technology
  • Works on multiple platforms
  • Flexible settings and rules
  • Market leading security
  • In-house IT expertise
  • Dedicated service team
  • Rich reporting

Common questions. Straightforward answers.

  • Why create a defined loop?

    Creating a defined loop of student accounts, vendors and services means funds placed into the program are only spent at participating outlets (in the loop). This improves the experience for the student while also streamlining the administration and increasing security.

  • How do students pay for services?

    Students create an account where funds can be loaded to pay for services. Setting up an account does not require the setup of a new bank account or credit facility. It's also quick and easy for account sponsors, such as relatives to link their credit card as a funding source, while also viewing item level transaction history for peace of mind.

  • What equipment is required for setup?

    InLoop can integrate with your existing IT systems, such as student management systems, card management, library systems, vending machines and print services. This allows the University to leverage existing investment in technology and remain adaptable to advances.

  • What costs are involved?

    InLoop charges a merchant fee on transactions, comparable to other electronic payment options.

  • How much administration is involved?

    Very little. InLoop automates all the key processes and also provides a help desk to assist students with any inquiries Students can be added and removed via a simple online administrator interface.

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