Cashless management of funds for correctional services

Managing inmate accounts is complex, due to the strict rules and security which must be applied to the movement of funds. InLoop provides a simple payments platform that is fast, robust, connected and secure.

  • Reduce administration

    Increase efficiency by automating the receipt of funds from a wide range of sources and streamine the release process by electronic settlement.

  • Improve speed

    Rather than relying on manual systems, set the rules around the how funds can be received and spent, and embed them into the payment process, while using IDs or biometrics to authorise the user.

  • Remove cash

    Use any identifier, include biometrics, to validate payment and remove manual processing for inmate transactions.  Settle funds automatically to third party facility operators.

Powerful features. Real benefits.

InLoop brings you a feature-rich platform, with all the functionality you need to manage accounts and transactions.

  • Online administration
  • Point-of-sale integration
  • Secure online receipts
  • Vendor settlement
  • Spending limits
  • e-Marketplace
  • Release payments
  • Staff accounts

Remove cash, secure funds and control spending in secure environments

InLoop Secure Environments provides an out-of-the-box, hosted cashless platform to manage resident balances, transactions, deposits and settlement, while creating a fast payment process at the counter. 

Secure Environments

In secure environments such as prisons, hospitals and detention centres, resident spending needs to be tightly controlled and audited without incurring excess administration costs and inconvenience to relatives, visitors and staff.

  • How can funds be received?

    InLoop is integrated with common payment sources, such as credit card, BPAY, EFT or PayPal.

  • Where are the funds held?

    The funds remain within your (the facility operator's) bank account.

  • What ID types do you support?

    Transactions at point-of-sale or vending points may be performed using common card, wearable tag or biometric identifiers

  • What equipment do we need?

    There are minimal IT requirements. To learn more about the platform, visit the Platform page on this site.

  • What can prisoners purchase online?

    The e-marketplace is a defined/closed set of vendors and products, which can only be accessed from a prisoner or staff member's online login.

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