Flexible payment technology for a fast-changing world

As the aged care and disabilities sectors undergo rapid change, InLoop is providing flexible transaction services which streamline operations, increase cashflow and improve client experience.

  • Fast and simple processing

    Increase efficiency by instantly authorising services and automatically settling funds to all your service providers.

  • Connected and accessible

    Leverage mobile, tablet or desktop technology to allow transaction processing from any location - in-home, and your site, or online.

  • Powerful online services

    Give clients and service providers real-time visibility of transactions, account balances and service offerings.

Powerful features. Real benefits.

InLoop provides a low-cost, hosted service that delivers efficiency, security and transparency to agencies, service providers and brokerages.

  • Improved client experience
  • Reduced administration
  • More secure
  • Flexible to policy change
  • Real-time authorisation
  • Mobile accessible
  • Overnight settlement
  • Online account history

Claim payments accessible everywhere

Now your service providers can accept claims anywhere, with instant authorisation and automated payment.


The 'traditional' processing of claims is highly manual, due to the collection of invoices, processing of claim data, checking for eligibility and payment of service providers. These inefficiencies lead to high program administration costs, slower processing of claims and inconvenience to claimants and service providers.

Questions? We have answers.

  • How do Service Providers access the service?

    Service Providers can be added via an agency data feed or self-register via an online form. Service Providers can then access the system via any mobile or desktop to process claims and review claim history.

  • How much administration is involved?

    Very little. InLoop is a hosted service and automates all the key processes. We also provide a help desk to assist facility managers and Service Providers with any enquiries.

  • What equipment is required?

    InLoop is compatible with all major smartphone and desktop PC brands.

  • Can the system change to match new policies?

    The flexibility of InLoop means changes in policy can be accommodated with minimal time and cost.

  • Do users have to pay with their card?

    In addition to card payments, an integrated online pre-ordering and booking system allows claimants to access services from any mobile or PC.

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