Pay with your existing ID card

Employees can purchase food and drinks from your cafeteria or vending machines with a simple swipe of their ID card.

  • Utilises existing ID

    Utilise your existing employee card as the payment device, to remove the need for cash or wallets on site.

  • Payroll connected

    Settle employee accounts automatically via payroll.

  • Access history online

    Employees, administration staff and vendors can access their complete account history online to ensure full transparency and minimise account enquiries.

Benefits for you and your staff

Implementing a convenient cashless solution is a low-cost and highly visible way to provide a significant employee benefit. Meanwhile, the convenience of cashless drives additional utilisation of your on-site food services.

  • Increase food service utilisation
  • Deliver genuine employee benefit
  • Remove cash
  • Payroll integrated
  • Online history
  • Use existing ID card

Maximise loyalty, speed and convenience for your on-site services

The InLoop Salary solution transforms your employee ID cards into a powerful payment device.


In-house cafés are reliant on employee loyalty for their trade. This loyalty is won by offering convenience, speed and a high-quality service. InLoop provides an efficient employee payment and ordering service to maximise loyalty, speed and convenience.

Common questions. Straightforward answers.

  • Does the system require much administration?

    We integrate with your payroll system to automate the data import function and reduce the administrative burden of the benefit.

  • How do you pay at the cafeteria?

    Employees swipe their card over a reader at the cafeteria counter and the transaction is authorised for the point-of-sale system. We are integrated with many major point-of-sale vendors, see our Platform page for more information.

  • What if I have a third party caterer?

    You and the third party caterer will both automatically receive reports, showing the total expenditure for the payroll period, as well as detailed transaction data. You process the pay to withhold the value from employees and the caterer invoices you for the total value, which matches the withheld value.

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