Benefits for you and your employees

Creating a defined loop streamlines payments and administration for companies, vendors and employees.

  • Convenient and fast
  • Highly-valued staff benefits
  • Increased vendor sales
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Mobile and ID card accessible
  • Simple payroll processing

Creating your payroll payments loop

The InLoop Salary solution transforms your employee ID cards into a powerful payment device.

InLoop is integrated with on-site services unsing existing POS systems.

Customers make payments simple by scanning their employee ID or ordering online.

The organisation receives purchase data to deduct payments from payroll.

Common questions. Straightforward answers.

  • How do employees register?

    At program launch, each employee is sent a unique QR code via email. Employees either print or take their phone to the counter, scan the code and then scan their employee card. This links their card to their account. Employees can follow a link in the email to create a login, where they can view their purchases and place online pre-orders.

  • What equipment is required?

    InLoop is compatible with several major Point of Sale terminals. If not compatible, a phone or tablet can be used to process the payment, much like an EFTPOS terminal. A card reader is supplied by InLoop, which is matched to your employee card.

  • What payroll systems are supported?

    Our system is compatible with most major payroll systems.

  • What does it cost?

    InLoop charges a merchant fee on transactions, comparable to other electronic payment options.

  • How much administration is involved?

    Very little. InLoop automates all the key processes and also provides a help desk to assist your employees with any enquiries. Employees can be added and removed via a simple online administrator interface.

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