Your platform. Your rules.

InLoop manages transactions for clients requiring more control, flexibility and data insights than offered by standard payment systems.

  • Comfort of oversight

    Embedded rules allow you to determine the 'who', 'where', 'what' and 'when' of every transaction.

  • Convenience of speed

    Authorise transactions instantly at the point of service using card, mobile or integration with existing POS.

  • Security of compliance

    A hosted platform with proven stability; delivering minimal down time, tight security PCI compliance and on-shore data storage.

  • Assurance of support

    From setup through to daily operations, you'll be supported by our dedicated customer service team.

Streamline your operation

Embed your business rules into the transaction, and enable real-time processing - wherever your customers are.

  • Escape the overheads

    Decrease the costs associated with reconciliation, cash handling and remote cash collection.

  • Move funds faster

    Speed up transactions by improving payment point efficiency while reducing risks of cash handling.

  • Control and automate

    Access is defined specifically for different user groups, while spending can be predetermined, automated and managed.

A better experience for you and your customers

Experience faster transactions and online access to account history from any location.

  • Increased revenue

    Up-selling and pre-selling revenue opportunities for suppliers/vendors thanks to quicker transactions and reduced need for cash on hand.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Enhanced staff experience with a convenient, streamlined and seamless transaction experience, supported by timely customer service.

Gain insights through rich reporting

Detailed and accurate real-time management information captures data like spending patterns providing insights for new revenue opportunities and a full audit history.

Gain insights through rich reporting

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