Our History

Founded in 2005 as The Scotney Group, and based on a vision to improve transaction processing for a variety of industries, InLoop has rapidly grown by helping thousands of organisations streamline their business. In 2008 The Scotney Group launched Flexischools, an entirely novel platform for allowing parents to transact with schools across a wide range of services and providers. The service rapidly grew to incorporating over 1,000 primary and secondary schools, and continues to lead the industry and set the benchmark for service.

In 2015 The Scotney Group rebranded to InLoop, and developed a range of transaction platforms, specifically designed to service the needs of Governments, Corporates and Non-Government Organisations.

InLoop has received several awards including the BRW Fast100 in 2013 and 2014, and continues to invest in people and technology to maintain a high level of service.


Our Values

We're focused on delivering a great experience that's reliable and secure, while taking care of our staff and customers.

  • Brilliant service

    Our passion is delivering brilliant, personal, satisfying service. It's part of our DNA (and our service agreements).

  • Everything's easy

    We've built a plug and play system that's easy to use, fast and reliable. Our goal is to remove hassle, not create it.

  • Quality control

    An eye for detail and the team and resources to deliver what we say. Going the extra mile is a matter of course.

  • Earned trust

    Trust is essential to great relationships. We earn ours through consistency, results and a down to earth approach.

  • Problem solvers

    That's our main job and we don't get stuck on the ways of the past. In the end it all comes down to how we can make things easier.

  • People first

    Whether it's a customer or a colleague, we focus on the human element of all our iteractions. A little empathy goes a long way.


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Our Key People

InLoop has an exceptional leadership team, bringing together years of experience from our core operating areas of technology, finance and management.

  • Geoff Austen

    Geoff Austen

    Managing Director

    Geoff is the Managing Director of InLoop and brings considerable financial and business management expertise to the business. Geoff's previous role was as Executive Director with Macquarie Bank, where he founded and ran the Global Equity Finance and Structuring Division. Geoff holds a Bachelor of Commerce from UNSW and is an accredited member of CPA.

  • Glen Butler

    Glen Butler

    Board Member

    Glen is a Non-executive Director of InLoop and is responsible for Macquarie Group's investment in the company. Glen has over 20 years' experience at Macquarie where he is a Division Director in the TMET group within Macquarie Capital. Glen has previously held a number of Non-executive Director positions at Dimmi, Nintex and Smartsalary (now Smart Group). Glen is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia and has a Bachelor of Economics and Law from Macquarie University.  

  • Brett Morgan

    Brett Morgan

    Chief Operating Officer

    Recently recruited as Chief Executive Officer of InLoop, Brett brings over 20 years' retail and commercial banking experience across Australia and India. Brett's previous role was Country Head of Branch Banking, Marketing and Private at ING VYSYA Bank, where he led a team of over 7,500 employees and implemented a turnaround focused on a customer lead strategy. Prior to his role at ING VYSYA Bank, Brett had over 15 years' experience with ING Direct in Australia.

  • Stephen Austen

    Stephen Austen

    Director of Sales and Marketing

    Prior to co-founding InLoop in 2005, Stephen worked as a Logistics Consultant at Siemens, with background in software development and sales support. Stephen has helped to grow the business from a concept to a fully-fledged international operation. As such, Stephen has assisted in the development of the systems, processes, technology, sales, marketing and strategies, all of which form the core of InLoop today.

  • Chris Simon

    Chris Simon

    Chief Technical Officer

    Prior to joining InLoop in 2006, Chris worked for Siemens in the U.S. as a lead R&D engineer, specialising in software and electronics and has over 12 years' experience in software development. Chris lends his vast software expertise to the role of Chief Technology Officer, and oversees the development of the technology which forms the basis of the InLoop platform.

  • Gillian Smythe

    Gillian Smythe

    Chief Financial Officer

    Gillian is the CFO of Inloop and has headed up the Finance function for the past 5 years. Gillian’s previous roles include 10 years at Macquarie Group, where she worked for Finance in the Infrastructure and Specialised Funds Division within Macquarie Capital, and 5 years at KPMG, Sydney. Gillian has been a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia for over 20 years. 

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